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  • Let your beauty shine bright like a diamond

    Illuminate your beauty

  • Because life's too short not to glitter!

    Embrace the shimmer and shine

Why Choose us?

At Kari Makeup, we are dedicated to redefining beauty with our premium line of eyeshadows that cater to every individual’s unique style and needs. Our eyeshadows are crafted using only the finest ingredients, ensuring unparalleled pigmentation, blendability, and wearability. Whether you’re looking for vibrant colors to make a statement or subtle shades for everyday wear, our diverse palette is designed to inspire creativity and enhance natural beauty. 


High-quality eyeshadows boast intense pigmentation, delivering vibrant color payoff with minimal product application.


A superior eyeshadow blends effortlessly, allowing seamless transitions between colors for a professional finish.


Exceptional eyeshadows offer long-lasting wear, resisting creasing and fading throughout the day or night.


Versatile eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry, enabling diverse looks ranging from subtle to dramatic with ease.


The texture of premium eyeshadows is smooth and velvety, ensuring comfortable application and adherence to the skin.


Top-quality eyeshadows are buildable, allowing users to layer colors for customized intensity without looking cakey or uneven.

Dazzle and shine with every application

Embrace the shimmer


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